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My name is Casey Gomez and I am a Designer. I hold many other titles such as Father, Grandfather, Musician, Singer/Songwriter, and Veteran of The United States Air Force. I am also a proud resident of Hamilton, Oh.   

I am experienced with over 20 years within the field of design, the creative process, and print production. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2004 from Miami University, Ohio as a dual major with concentrations in both Graphic Design and Photography. I leverage experience with visual merchandising, branding, marketing, concept art, logo design, and 3D design and I have most recently undertaken the art of 3D printing. 


I love to learn new things and I enjoy teaching myself new processes and skills and often dedicate my time to learning new programs, methods, and practices.

During my employment, I have gained experience working with multiple high-profile retail brands which has helped me to understand the value of communication while translating ideas into a visual product.

I am also an ambitious musician, lead vocal, harmonica, guitar, singer/songwriter. Former frontman for "The Magic Lightnin' Boys", "The North2ndCrew" and Current frontman for "CFG&The Family" . I have created extensive branding for websites, posters, social media and merchandise.  


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